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starter_guideto_clickBankStarter Guide to ClickBank

For people who might be contemplating on how to earn online in a legal way, ClickBank may just be the very thing that you are looking for.  This company allows you to earn by reselling digital products such as eBooks and software which is usually in PDF format.  If you are interested to know more about the benefits of being a reseller for ClickBank then read on.  First of all you need to have your own business based website because this is where you will sell these digital products and earn from the commissions from everything that you sell.  There is no need to pay any fee for joining.

The good news is that there are over 10,000 businesses that enlist the help of more than 100,000 ClickBank affiliates to sell their digital products.  Since there is no need to ship out the products that you sell as an affiliate you will be able to track down your commission on the sale as it happens.  Since tracking is visibly transparent it is so easy for their system to check whether somebody is using your affiliate nickname.  These scammers will be banned from availing of these opportunities of earning through your hop link.  A hop link is just a fancy way of referring to redirect link. Read more…

ClickBank Products

selecting_Clickbank_products_to_sellSelecting ClickBank Products to Sell

To be an effective and successful ClickBank seller or affiliate you need to know which product sells.  Trends do come and go but when you sell online you have to be closely observant about what specific product catches the attention of the buying public.  There are plenty of online resources where you can find the top ClickBank products for each particular period of time.  Some of these ClickBank analytics will offer you a trial period to use their system to find the most sought after products that people buy as well as other helpful features.  This is a perfect example of how some products sell out because people are hungry for instant knowledge about such statistical information.

You can research on the internet what specific ClickBank products would attract customers in buying.  Check out the website’s Alexa ranking.  When you visit the vendor’s page do you find yourself being drawn to the products that are being sold there?  If the sales page can generate an interest on your part there is a great chance that it is producing almost an identical result in drawing the same interest in other online visitors. Read more…

Promoting Your ClickBank Products

promoting_your_clickbank_productsWhat Are the Best Methods of Promoting Your ClickBank Products?

Once you register as ClickBank affiliate, the next thing that you would like to know is how you can effectively increase your chances of earning.  You will find a button that you can click inside the ClickBank MarketPlace that will create your hoplink.  You can use these hoplinks to draw other sites into yours.  These are sometimes known as backlinks.  For those who might be hearing this for the very first time, this is when you visit another site and leave behind your helpful comment and your website link.  This is just one way of driving traffic towards your site.

When you leave behind a comment and the website owner or visitors follow it and buy the ClickBank products you will get a commission from the sale.  There is a minimum threshold that you need to reach before a check will be sent to your given address.  There are some methods that require you to pay a minimal amount in order to see your profits raking in. Read more…

Clickbank Trademark

 Use of the Clickbank Tradmark


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